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Desert Storm Souvenirs
Item #: AA850
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This is a Desert Storm Iraqi souvenir set in a veteran made display case. This was brought into the shop by a local Tennessee veteran of the Gulf War of 1991. The display case, made from a shipping container and plexi-glass while in theater, contain an Iraqi helmet and plastic canteen. The helmet is the Iraqi made M90, a composite style helmet. It is similar in appearance to the American M1 helmet. However, the similarity ends in appearance. These were made of compressed layers of canvas, coated in plastic. The helmets were originally painted dark green and later had a desert tan color applied. This helmet shows two different shades of desert tan, with the dark green showing where the two coats of tan have worn off. The liner appears to be intact. Since this is a consignment piece I can not examine the helmet closer without damaging the display case. Because of the inferior construction of these helmets they were prone to cracking along the edges. A rubber rim was added to help prevent cracking and splitting. The canteen is the Iraqi P58 plastic canteen, modeled after the British P58 canteen. Seems they couldn't come up with anything on their own! The canteen is molded in green plastic with a plastic screw on cap. The canteen holds 1750 ml, or 59.17 ounces of water. The Iraqi Army property mark is molded into the front of the canteen. The display case is made of wood from a shipping crate, along with plexi-glass found in theater. There is a small plaque inside that reads IRAQI LIEUTENANT'S HELMET and CANTEEN captured during PERSIAN GULF WAR 1991 "OPERATION DESERT STORM". These helmets were laying all over the desert, and many Gulf War vets brought them home as souvenirs. If you have a veteran of that era in the family this might make the perfect Christmas gift for his war room.