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Bastogne Print
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The German Army launched it's last offensive operation at 0530 on 16 December, 1944. A quarter of a million German soldiers opened a surprise attack along an 85 mile front. The Allies referred to this area as the "Ghost Front", where units new to the European theater were posted to gain some experience prior to the expected upcoming push into Germany. The Germans achieved complete surprise and advanced rapidly against the inexperienced units facing them. The large shift, or bulge, in the Allied lines due to this attack ultimately gave the battle it's name. The attacking German unit's were stopped at the Belgium town of Bastogne by the 101st Airborne Division. The Screaming Eagles were short of weapons and ammunition, food, water, medical supplies and sorely needed winter clothing. Isolated and cut off from resupply from the air due to the weather, the troopers from the 101st hung on tenaciously, stopping every attack thrown their way. Brigadier General McAuliffe, commanding the division during the fight, issued the famous reply of "Nuts!" to the German surrender ultimatum. On 26 December, ten days after the German offensive began, the US 4th Armored Division achieved a link up with the paratroopers. The narrow 300 yard corridor was kept open and allowed the wounded to be evacuated and desperately needed supplies to be flown in. The battle would continue for weeks before the original lines were restored. This would be the single greatest battle the American Army would fight in World War II. This framed print, measuring 37' wide and 30" high, is a numbered, limited signed edition by the well known artist John Paul Strain. It is the second print of the "Victory in Europe" 1945 series. The print itself measures 26" wide and 19" high, is number 207 of 1945. It has been professionally framed. the print is double matted, with the bottom mat being khaki in color and the top mat olive green. The mats compliment the print and military style frame very well. If you have a WWII war room this would compliment it well, especially if you collect Airborne like me!
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