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BG E Porter Alexander's Boot Pistol Reduced Price!!
Item #: AA694
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1800's Belgium 40 caliber side by side boot pistol. The pistol measures 8 1/4' overall, with the barrels measuring 4". The side plates, trigger guard and back of the lock have an engraved floral scene. The wood grip has been checkered extensively, with a small silver inlay on the back of the grip. The Leige proof mark is stamped on the left barrel just below the nipple. This particular proof was used from 1811 through 1892. The only detractor is the left hammer. It will not hold in the half cock or full cocked position. Now the cool part, it came into the shop with documentation of being owned by Confederate Brigadier General Edward Porter Alexander! Alexander was was of the Civil War's most accomplished artillerymen. E. Porter Alexander was a career soldier, graduating from West Point in 1857 as a Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers. When it became apparent that the nation was headed into a civil war he resigned from the Army. On April 3rd, 1861 he was appointed a Captain of Engineers in the Confederate States Army. He served as General Beauregard's Engineer and Chief of Signal Corps during the First Battle of Manassas. In December of 1861 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery, then Colonel of Artillery in December of 1862. Colonel Alexander commanded a battalion of artillery in Lieutenant General Longstreet's Corps from November 1862 through February 1864. He was responsible for the positioning of the artillery at Fredericksburg, Virginia. His guns commanded the field and inflicted severe casualties on the Union forces attempting to advance on Mayre's Heights. He is most well known for his reserve artillery battalions action on the third day of battle of Gettysburg. They provided fire to soft up the Union forces, and covered the Confederate Infantry attack destined to become known as Pickett's Charge. This percussion double barrel boot pistol was bought at auction on January 2009. The paperwork from the auction, in addition to a copy of a notorized letter from the family will accompany this firearm. The letter explains the family history of the pistol, being passed down for four generations. Here is a chance to own a piece of history that once belonged to one of the most famous figures to emerge from America's Civil War.