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Mills 100 Loop .30-40 Caliber Ammunition Belt with 12 Loop Pistol Ammunition
Item #: AA3525
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This is a modified Mills woven cartridge belt from the Spanish American War period. Prior to the Spanish American War Mills held the contracts for these woven cartridge belts for the US government, as well as the commercial market. When the US Army began to mobilize for the Spanish American War Hurlbert, Spaulding, Russel, Gilbert Loom and others demanded and received some of the government contracts. The webbed belt is in very good, but used condition. It measures 3" wide and is 50" long. There are 50 double row loops for .30-40 caliber Krag cartridges. The belt shows signs of wear and use, but not abuse. The brass fittings and buckle have achieved a beautiful chocolate patina. In place of the H style US brass buckle, this belt uses the C style wire buckle. The belt is a little dirty in spots, but as strong as the day it was manufactured. This one could still be used today. This one has a slight modification, having two double rows of three revolver loops added to it. It would look great displayed with your Span Am Krag rifle or carbine!
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Item # AA3525
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