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Civil War Period Roller Belt Made From A Cartridge Box Sling with Cap Box
Item #: AA3287
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This is a roller buckle belt with cap box made from a cartridge box sling during the Civil War. The belt is made from a buff leather Union cartridge box sling. It measures 36" from end to end and is 2" wide. One end has been narrowed down to form an adjustable strap, the other end has a roller buckle sewn to it. The buckle is from the bottom of a cartridge box, waste not want not! There are no makers marks or inspector cartouches on the belt, but there is a place on the back of the belt where a Union breast plate used to be. There are two slits in the center of the leather with a circle outline of a breast plate. The two wire hooks of a breast plate line up exactly with the two holes in the belt. The cartridge box is Union, with a makers mark on the front flap. I can't make out the maker, as most of the leather finish is missing from the outer flap. At one time this box had an oval plate on it. The brass finial is present and secure, as well as the closure tab. The two belt loops are securely attached on the back of the box and are not broken. The inner flap shows substantial loss of the outer leather. Surprisingly, the wool and pick are still with the box! This one walked into the shop from a local Kingsport family. Unfortunately they know no history of the rig, as they found it in the attic of a their newly purchased home. There is no way of knowing for sure, but I'd bet that this is a repurposed Confederate belt rig. The 19th Tennessee Infantry Regiment served with the Army of Tennessee from the start of the war until the end, as was made up of men from east Tennessee counties. Here 's an opportunity to own a belt rig that was almost certainly Confederate used, without paying the price for a Confederate belt rig!
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA3287

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