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Identified Utah Indian War Veterans Association Ribbon
Item #: AA3081
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This is a Utah Indian War Veterans Association ribbon identified to Joseph William Ovard. Ovard was born in Warwickshire, England in 1845, and settled in American Fork, Utah in 1855 with his parents when they immigrated to the United States. When he was 21, Joseph Ovard was enrolled in a local Cavalry Company of the Nauvoo Legion, a militia organization of the Mormons. Private Ovard served under Captain Johnathan Page for a period of 54 days, from 2 July, 1866 through 26 August, 1866. The militia units were fighting tribes of Ute, Apache and Navajo Indians in what became know as the Black Hawk War, so named after Chief Antonga Black Hawk. The war lasted from 1865 to 1872, but was most intense between 1865 to 1867 in Sanpete and Sevier Counties. In 1909 the Utah legislature passed a law creating the Board of Commissioners of Indian War Records. The board was to ascertain the names of individuals who were members of any organization that performed military duties during Indian Wars or expeditions against Indians during the territorial years. Veterans completed affidavits of service, accompanied by two witness affidavits to support the facts. The affidavits were filed in the office of the Chairman of the Board and the Adjutant general of the State. In 1911, the 1909 law was repealed, leaving the State Adjutant General the responsibility as Commissioner of Indian War Records. The purpose of the affidavits was to validate federal pension claims up to 1917, and there after as state pension funds. Joseph W Ovard submitted his affidavit of service during the Utah Indian Wars on 11 June, 1909 at the age of 64 years. The affidavit is witnessed by George Hoggard and Robert Kirkman, who served with Ovard. The Utah Indian War Veterans Association ribbon presented to Ovard was made by Whitehead & Hoag of Newark, New Jersey. The ribbon is approximately 9 1/4" long and 2 1/2" wide. The header badge is white enamel with a gold raised border. The territorial seal of Utah is in the center of the header and a red banner beneath with UTAH written on it. Suspended from the header is an American flag ribbon, and suspended from that is a round medallion with the likeness of Chief Walker, a prominent Ute chief. Sewn to the bottom bar of the header badge along with the American flag ribbon is the blue ribbon itself. In silver lettering are the words UTAH/INDIAN WAR/VETERANS'/ASSOCIATION. Below the lettering are gold bullion tassels, sewn onto the bottom of the ribbon. The colors of the header badge, American flag ribbon, blue ribbon and badge with Chief Walker are absolutely amazing. All colors are still very vibrant and look fantastic. There is only one flaw with the ribbon, it has been cut in two about half way down. There is also a cut just above the word UTAH and a small cut in the letter R in WAR. When the ribbon is laying flat none of these cuts are visible. I didn't even notice them when I was photographing it! Accompanying this very rare ribbon is the envelope it was shipped in and an the cardboard insert the ribbon came on. Written in pencil on the cardboard insert is the name MRS OVARD in two places. Her name is also written on the tag on the back of the ribbon in three places. Along with the ribbon, envelope and cardboard insert, a small informational booklet on Joseph Ovard is included. This is an extremely rare ribbon commemorating Utah's Indian War veterans, that you seldom see on the market. If the ribbon was not damaged the asking price would be comparable to the only other one listed on the internet. If you are an Indian Wars collector, specifically a Utah Indian War collector, here's your shot at a scarce ribbon listed for less than half of the only other one I could find!
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Item # AA3081
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