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Civil War Veterans Hand Carved "Eagle" Walking Cane
Item #: AA3068
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This is a hand carved walking cane made for a Civil War veteran made in the resemblance of an eagle. The cane is made of a lightweight wood and has an eagles head carved into the end of the cane, and feathers carved into the shaft of the cane all the way down to the brass cap on the end. The cane measures 35" in overall length. There is a small nick down at the bottom of the cane just above the brass end cap, but overall the cane has great eye appeal. The eagles head shows great detail, showing the eagles beak open and revealing the tongue. The eyes are open, it looks as though this one is about to dive onto some unsuspecting prey. The shaft of the cane shows the same intricate detail, with layer upon layer of feathers flowing from top to bottom. The bottom of the cane has a brass cap that is of an interference fit. This one shows plenty of honest use. There are countless photographs of Union and Confederate veterans attending the reunions carrying canes. At the height of their popularity, most of the reunions were being attended by veterans in the their twilight years. They needed these canes to get around, not just for a fashion statement. There is no identification on this one, but I suspect that it may have been carried by a Union veteran. No matter which side the veteran who used this cane fought for, it has some great display power and will look at home in either your UCV or GAR collection.
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