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Four Challenge Coins
Item #: AA2901
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This is a set of challenge coins that came into the shop along with some United States Navy items. Two of the coins are US Navy related, one is for the Korean War Veteran and one is for the Lost Squadron. The first two are for the USN, one a challenge coin for Chief Petty Officers and the other for the US Navy branch of service. The third is for Korean War veterans, and depicts an American flag, the service ribbons authorized for all Korean War vets and the years 1950-1953 on one side. The opposite side of the coin shows the country of Korea and the words, KOREA THE FORGOTTEN WAR. The fourth coin is for the Lost Squadron Glacier Girl, a P-38 Lightning that was discovered in the ice in Greenland in 1992. This plane, part of a flight consisting of two B-17 bombers and six P-38 fighters, was flying to Britain in July, 1942 when they flew into a snow storm and were forced to crash land on the ice. The plane, renamed the Glacier Girl, was located and recovered 50 years after it crashed in 1992. The coin recognizes the recovery and restoration project surrounding the Glacier girl. This are some neat little pieces of military culture and tradition. Put them on your desk in the war room!
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