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Confederate Belt Rig with Cut Down Holster
Item #: AA2723
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This is a Confederate waist belt with a cut down flap holster used during the Civil War. The black leather belt measures 39 1/2" long and is 1 3/4" wide. The patent leather belt wraps around an inner belt of webbed cloth to give the belt added support and strength. There is a simple hand tooled oval design all the way around the belt, with the oval shapes connected by a small trapezoid design. The leather is very soft and supple, but does show considerable use. The stitching on the end of the belt for the brass adjuster is broken and missing, yet the brass adjuster is still with the belt! All remaing stitching is still very solid and tight. This belt, most likely worn by an officer, used a two piece buckle. Unfortunately only the wreath remains with the belt. The wreath is of the "Richmond" pattern, complete with the beveled edges on the connecting bar. This was a commonly used wreath, not just for the CS style tongue. Several states, such as Virginia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama also used these wreaths with their state buckles. The brass has taken on a dark, attic patina, with only the high points showing any color. The wreath has a height of 50.92 mm. The holster is a cut down flap holster that has also been shortened. The belt loop on the reverse side has been attached to the holster by five old brass rivets. It appears that the process has been repeated at least twice, as there are a couple of extra holes in the back of the holster. There is no plug in the toe of the holster. All stitching on the holster is tight and strong. I slipped a Colt Navy in the holster and it fits like a glove, although a couple inches of the barrel sticks out the bottom. This one came in from north Georgia, but there is no history with it. If only it had a tongue to go with it!
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