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US Military Police Belt Rig
Item #: AA2233
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This is a US Army Military Police belt rig used during the Vietnam era. The rig consists of a black leather waist belt, shoulder strap, Model 1916 holster, first aid pouch, .45 caliber ammo pouch and night stick scabbard. The equipment manufacturing dates span post WWII through the 1960's, nothing new for the military. If it was still serviceable and it was authorized they issued it, no matter how old it was! The waist belt is a size 44 and is stamped JQMD and dated 1948. The Jefferson Quartermaster Depot was located in Jeffersonville, Indiana and was a military depot from the Civil War through 1958, when it was closed. The belt is in solid condition and could easily be worn today. The shoulder strap, designed to support the weight of the fully loaded belt, is stamped U.S./Bucheimer and dated 1962. The holster is a WWII era holster that has been dyed black to fit the period. There is no longer a visible makers mark or date on the back, but I'd bet it was a Boyt. The first aid pouch is stamped US/PLAIKINS/INC. and dated 1957. The .45 caliber dual magazine ammo pouch is stamped U.S./MILWAUKEE SADDLERY CO. and dated 1946. The night stick scabbard is stamped US/J.Q.M.D./1951/EMS. It would appear that most of the individual pieces were probably never issued, with the exception of the holster and belt. If you're looking for a Vietnam era MP rig to dress out a mannequin or portray an MP from that era this rig will serve you well.
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