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GAR Cane Made for the 26th Encampment 1892 Washington DC
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This is a walking cane made specifically for the 26th Annual Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic held in Washington D.C. in 1892. The cane is made of a lightweight wood with a stripped veneer applied to it. The cane measures 33 1/2" overall length. There are a couple of nicks in the veneer, but overall the cane has great eye appeal. The white metal knob attached to the cane was made just for the 26th encampment. On the top it features a bust of Lieutenant General Ulysses S Grant. The sides of the knob have a representation of the GAR Medal on one side, with the patent date above it that reads PAT. AUG 23 92. The other side of the knob shows a multi furled banner that reads 26th ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT G.A.R. SEPT 20th 1892 WASHINGTON D.C. The bottom of the cane has a brass cap that has been nickel plated. About 75 % of the plating remains on the tip. This one shows plenty of honest use, as indicated by the wear of the knob. By 1892 many of the Union veterans would have been nearing middle age and may have actually needed the use of a cane to get around. This one displays well, and could still be used today!
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