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Model 1872 Hagner Buckle with Belt
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This is a Model 1872 Hagner belt pate on a late 1870's belt. This belt plate was designed to be used with a new "brace system" being developed to be used by the Infantry to carry accoutrements and equipment. A new system was also designed for the Cavalry branch. In February, 1872 a board convened to determine the best system being tested. The commanding officer of the Watervliet Arsenal, Colonel V.P. Hagner, is who the belt plate is named after. It was quickly determined that the brace system was more of a hindrance than a help for the Cavalry. However, the Chief of Ordnance, Alexander Dyer, was determined to test the new experimental Cavalry brace system. These new accoutrements consisted of a new saber belt, with provisions to connect the leather suspenders to, and the solid cast rectangular US belt plate. Worn on the belt was a cartridge box for carbine ammunition, newly designed flap holster with swivel mount and the standard cap box. The cap box was now used to carry revolver ammunition. The 1855 pattern carbine sling completed the set. The new waist belt was designed as part of the brace system. It was made of black bridle leather 1 7/8" wide, with a cast brass loop and riveted to the left end of the belt. To the other side of this loop was riveted a piece of leather about 1" wide, folded on itself. To this piece of leather a clasp of cast brass was attached for the belt plate. The right end of the belt was doubled under and fitted with a brass wire hook that mated to a series of punched holes used to adjust the length of the belt. In the fold of the belt was a second brass loop and piece of leather to secure the belt plate. Each brass loop had an integral short oval loop at the top used to attach the new brace straps to. This was intended to help distribute the weight of the equipment carried by the soldier. The new belt plate used with this system was solid cast brass, rectangular in shape. It measured 2 1/8" high and 3 1/4" wide. It was approximately 1/8" thick and had a slight curve to help conform to the soldiers body. The right side was slotted to receive the belt. The raised US letters were encompassed in an oval border. A 1/2" wide tongue was cast integrally on the back of the plate. This beautiful brass buckle has taken on a dull mustard patina, along with the brass rivets and wire hook. The black leather belt does not have the brass loops for use with the brace system. It measures 40 3/4" in length and 1 11/16" wide. The leather is still very supple, but does have some light crazing in spots. On the left side of the belt, where the clasp is rivet on, are the stamped numbers B7/6. I'm sure this is a unit marking, just not sure what unit! The brace system was not adopted for Cavalry use, but the Hagner belt plate did make it into the Army system. I have no doubt this rig was worn by some trooper out west during the 1870's - 1880's. If you collect Indian Wars items, this piece would definitely compliment it!
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