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Pacific Theater Philippines Sundang Bolo
Item #: AA1204
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This is a World War II Pacific theater veteran's bring back Philippine bolo knife. This type of bolo is known as a Sundang. Sundang's were designed to open coconuts, but became the primary choice for weapons during the Philippine Revolution. These weapons were also by guerilla's during the Philippine American War and World War II. This Sundang bolo has an overall length of 21 1/2", with a blade length of 15 1/2". The blade measures 1 3/8" at the hilt and 1 3/4" at the widest part. The right side of the blade is highly engraved. Working from the hilt towards the tip is the word PHILIPPINES in an arc, with the number 18 on each side and a sunburst surrounding a star under the word. Coconut trees , a native house on stilts followed by more coconut trees are in the center of blade. Near the end of the blade are mountains with the sun rising between the peaks. A brass crossguard and ferrule are used to incorporate the hardwood handle. The handle has a few nicks, but no cracks or wood loss. The scabbard is not the traditional hardwood type, but made of leather. You can see the outline of a metal throat on the scabbard, probably made of brass, that is no longer with the scabbard. The stitching of the scabbard is tight. The leather is 1/8" thick and is in good condition. There are some scuff marks here and there, but nothing major. This is a nice example of a Philippine bolo knife brought back home from the Pacific theater after World War II.