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UCV "Parade" Flag
Item #: AA866
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This is a United Confederate Veterans "parade" flag from the early 1900's. It measures 3" high and 5" wide. The material is of a cheesecloth or oilcloth type construction, with the design of the Confederate battle flag printed onto the material. The yellow fringe is securely sewn on. The colors are still very vibrant and the stitching is very strong. It looks as though this was attached to a small standard originally and carried during the parade. For it's age this flag is in remarkable condition. The letter accompanying it explains the history behind the flag. Checking the database shows three Confederate veterans from Kentucky with the last name of Hutchins. All three were Kentucky cavalrymen, having ridden with the 2nd, 3rd and 10th Kentucky Cavalry regiments. The 2nd and 3rd Kentucky regiments were part of the Army of Tennessee. The 10th Kentucky regiment was with General John Hunt Morgan on his foray's up north. We have quite a bit of UCV items in the shop, but this flag is one of the coolest one's here! If you ancestors were Confederate Cavalrymen this is something you need to have!
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