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WWII German "Sea of Ice" Campaign Medal
Item #: AA766
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This is a campaign medal awarded to Gebirgsjagers, Elite German Mountain Troops, who participated in the campaigns in Narvk, Lapland and the Polar Region of Russia during 1942 - 1943. The medal is made of zinc and has a silverwash applied to it. The front side of the medal has an edelweiss, emblem of the Mountain Troops. The back of the medal is worded EISMEER FRONT with the dates 1942 above and 1943 below the wording. General Eduard Dietl, one time commander of the German 3rd Mountain Division, and Commander of the 20th Mountain Army, authorized the medal to recognize the soldiers for their faithful and honorable service to the Fatherland. It is provisioned for two separate rings that connected to a single suspension ring, allowing the medal to be suspended by a ribbon. The ribbon for this medal was red in the center, with a single white stripe on either side of the red center. Flanking the white stripe was a black stripe. Apparently not many of the ribbons survived, as the examples I have seen have been suspended by a small piece of leather or boot lace. These are pretty scarce items to come by. According to my research only the 2nd and 3rd Mountain Divisions along with the 6th SS Mountain Division were involved in this campaign during the time period specified.