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WWII German Panzer Officer Grouping
Item #: AA757
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This is a small grouping of a German Panzer Officer from World War II. The pair of shoulder boards are for a Lieutenant Colonel of the Panzer branch. The boards feature a beautiful silver braid upper part sewn to a fine pink wool lower section. Firmly affixed to each shoulder board is a gothic letter P. This denotes Panzerjager personnel. The boards are in great condition while still showing some honest wear. Both boards show wear where they were attached to the epaulette buttons. The gold letters P both have some tarnishing, nothing that couldn't be cleaned up. All stitching is strong throughout and there is no fraying anywhere. Also included is a Panzer Officer's cloth eagle patch. These were worn on the left tunic pocket. This one is made of silver bullion on a black felt backing. It has two loose threads that can be fixed with no problem. I will leave that to the buyer. Another great displaying piece from World War II!