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101 New York CPT's Grouping
Item #: AA492
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A grouping of Captain Porter T Swan's equipment that he presented to his friend H B Case after the Civil War. Captain Swan was with the 101st New York State militia. The grouping was purchased at an auction in Cincinnati, Ohio and contains the Captain's set of spurs, Infantry sew on hat badge with unit insignia, and Eagle I button, Model 1851 New York state belt plate, brass sword hangers and various buckles. The spurs are a set of Rooster neck style spurs, usually associated with enlisted men. One of the spurs still has the original leather strap intact. Both rowels rotate freely. The embroidered hat badge has the false Infantry horn with the brass unit letters 101 inside the loop of the horn. The Infantry button is a two piece with the Extra Quality back mark. The belt plate that came with this grouping is believed to be a reproduction. The auction house was contacted and replied that it was the buckle that came with the grouping. Great looking New York belt plate, but it is not Civil War period. It will remain with the grouping as we obtained it. The remaining items are brass saber hangers and various buckles. This would make a nice start for the beginning collector.