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Confederate Tactics Manual & 1st Edition Bull Run To Bull Run
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This is a set of two books, one a Confederate tactics manual that was used by Robert W. Baylor, the other a 1st edition print Bull Run to Bull Run, written by Baylor. The tactics manual is titled, "THE TROOPER'S MANUAL: OR TACTICS FOR LIGHT DRAGOONS AND MOUNTED RIFLEMEN". The manual was written by Colonel Lucius Davis and was published by A. Morris at Richmond, Virginia in 1861. Inscribed in period ink between the lines of the printed title is written, "CAPT. R.W. BAYLOR, CO. B 12th REGT. VA. CAVLY" The manual is in good condition, having one issue. The binding is broken on the front cover, and it is held one by only one thread. There is the normal wear to the edges of the covers, but no water damage or staining. The 265 page tactics section is in amazing condition, no problems at all. The binding could be professionally repaired, that will be left up to the new owner. The 1st edition Bull Run to Bull Run book is in exceptional condition. There is no damage of any kind with this book. The cover is made of blue cloth with a silver vignette of a Cavalryman at the gallop with drawn saber. The book was written by one of Baylor's sons, George Baylor. It is a detailed account of the career and adventures of Baylor Light Horse, Company B, 12th Virginia Cavalry. It is a must have reference for the 12th Virginia Cavalry and for the Laurel Cavalry Brigade. Robert William Baylor was born 25 May, 1813 in Virginia. He graduated from the University of Virginia and became a member of the Virginia Legislature and a judge in the Jefferson County Court. Baylor was also the Colonel of the 3rd Virginia Cavalry militia. The Governor of Virginia ordered Colonel Baylor to take his cavalry unit to Harper's Ferry when it was captured in 1859 by John Brown. Upon their arrival to Harper's Ferry, Brown's men controlled the town. Colonel Baylor organized the militia, sealed off the town and forced Brown and his men into the engine house of the local fire department. After a short bit of firing a flag of truce appeared at the front door of the of the engine house. Brown sent a messenger out to meet with Baylor, and relayed Brown's offer to release the hostages he held if Baylor would let him cross the river and escape. Colonel Baylor turned down Brown's proposal, and when Colonel Robert E. Lee arrived on the scene he relinquished command to him. When the Civil War broke out Robert Baylor was commissioned a Captain and raised "The Baylor Light Horse", a company with Turner Ashby's 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. The Baylor Light Horse would later become Company B of the 12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. Captain Baylor was seriously wounded on 27 April, 1862, when he was shot through the lung. He recovered from the wound, but was never fit for field duty again. In December of 1862 Captain Baylor was captured at his home in Charles Town and charged with murder for killing a Union soldier while under a flag of truce. This incident was reported to have taken place early in 1862. Baylor was first confined at Fort McHenry and later at Fort Delaware. He was court martialed and sentence to death. The sentence was later commuted to incarceration. In 1864 he was paroled as a Prisoner of War, and served as the Provost Marshall of the Valley Department. These two books will compliment even the most advanced Virginia Cavalry collection.
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