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Sixth Plate Tintype and New Testament of Edwin A Johnson
Item #: AA1974
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This is pocket sized edition of the New Testament belonging to an Edwin A Johnson and a sixth plate tintype possibly of his daughter. The Civil War database shows 23 possible matches for an Edwin A Johnson, 16 Union and 7 Confederate. Some more detective work is needed to pinpoint exactly which Johnson this guy is! The pocket edition New Testament measure 2 1/4" wide and 3 3/4" tall. This small leather bound testament is in good condition, with an impressed image of a stained glass window on the front and back cover. On the spine in gold lettering is the word TESTAMENT. It was printed in 1861 in London, England and sold by E. Gardner & Son, Oxford Bible Warehouse, Paternoster Row, London. On the front inside cover written in pencil is the name Edwin A Johnson, the date 1864 and some writing that is not legible. The page opposite has EA JOHNSON written in pencil again. The edges of the two pages are stained uniformly with dirt, but the inside area of the two inner pages are cleaner, a folded note or some piece of paper was obviously carried inside the bible here. The back of the testament has the same stained outline. Written on the inside page are three names, Lill Johnson, Dan Wornpole (?) and Edwin Johnson. The first tow names are written in ink, the last in pencil. The image is housed in a half leatherette case, half is missing. The crystal clear image is of a young girl seated in a studio setting. She looks to be around 10 years of age , give or take a couple of years. There are no blemishes on the image, the glass is without faults. There is no writing on the back of the image, so no clue as to who she is. But these two were bought together, so this young girl could very well be Lill Johnson, daughter of Edwin Johnson. a little more research may determine which Johnson this may be. Be he Union or Confederate, this small grouping displays very well together or on their own.
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