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Late 1800's Portrait of Private A D Griffin US Volunteers 1st Sharpshooters
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This is a late 1800's water color portrait of Private Almon D. Griffin, of Waterbury, Vermont. The picture has a modern frame and a single oval cut mat. The frame measures 13 1/2" tall, with a width of 11 1/2". The portrait itself, within the mat opening, measures 7 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" wide. It depicts Griffin in a typical Union Infantry uniform; frock coat, trousers, brogans, waist belt with oval US belt plate and a kepi with Infantry horn. He is holding a rifle in his left hand and has an Clarion, or bugle, hanging from his right shoulder. On the left side of griffin is a Union great coat. The portrait looks to have been done in a studio seating. Perhaps the unknown artist used a CDV to paint his subject from. It is possible that Griffin could have been the company bugler, as he is shown enlisting 11 September, 1861 as a musician. On 13 September, he was mustered into F Company, US Volunteers 1st Sharpshooters. He is listed as deserting on 22 March, 1862, but returning to F Company on 31 March, 1862. Griffin was discharged for disability on 26 October, 1864. Private Griffin was wounded twice, once at Chancellorsville, Virginia on 4 May, 1863 and again at Cold Harbor, Virginia on 12 June, 1864. A rather bizarre newspaper article accompanies the painting. it tells of an incident between Griffin and his wife that proved to be fatal. Apparently his wife was mentally unstable and during an argument shot Griffin twice. She then turned the revolver on herself and shot herself in the head. The newspaper article goes on to state that Griffin was a Civil War veteran. This is a unique piece of Civil War history that displays well!
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