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2nd New York Veteran Cavalry Grouping
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This is a 4 piece grouping of Moses A Bombard of the 2nd New York Veteran Cavalry Regiment. The grouping consists of a large framed Easel Monument that bears the record of Bombard, a whole plate tintype of Moses Bombard and his wife Amelia, the jacket he wears in the tintype and his original Civil War kepi. Bombard enlisted on 10 November, 1863 on a three year enlistment and was assigned to L Company, 2nd Regiment, New York Veteran Cavalry Regiment. At the time of his enlistment the commander of the 2nd Regiment was Colonel Morgan H. Chrysler. The print of the monument was designed by The Monumental Bronze Co. of Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was copyrighted in 1891 by J.W. Carnahan and published by Dux Publishing Co. of Chicago, Illinois. The print depicts an easel type monument in a park setting. The monument sits on two pedestals, with three pedestals on the top. The center one on the top has a soldier standing on it. In addition to his uniform the soldier is wearing a great coat with cape, kepi, and a Model 1851 sword belt. He holds a sword in the right hand and a standard with flag with the left. The left pillar has a female holding a shield in her left hand and a drawn sword in her right. She appears to be wearing a crown. The right pillar has another female holding a book in her left hand and a pen in her right. Also depicted are an eagle, soldier, sailor and four scenes depicting the soldier going to war and returning. In the center of the easel is Bombard's personal history during the Civil War. It reads, "enlisted 10 November on a three year enlistment. The regimental commander was Colonel Morgan H Chrysler. He was involved in these campaigns: Red River Campaign, La. 10 March - 22 May 1864, Pleasant Hill April 7-9 1864, Sabine Crossroads April 8, 1864, Yellow Bayou April 17 - 18 1864, Cane River Crossing April 23 1864, Morganza July 28, 1864, wounded in the right hip by three buckshot by guerrillas 3 July 1864, wounded in right wrist by gunshot while on picket duty at Morganza Bend, La in July 1864 and sent to United States General Hospital at New Orleans, La. Was honorably discharged in May 1865 by reason of wounds received in service." Below the large placard is a smaller one that reads "This picture of the easel shaped monument bearing the personal record of Moses A Bombard was dedicated to him 15 Feb, 1895 by his wife Amelia & his family." The print is framed in a very ornate, gold gilt frame that measures 29 1/2" wide and 38" high. It is the original frame that the print was presented in, with period writing in pencil on the back, one comment mentioning the price of the frame and glass costing $5.75! The tintype is of a whole plate size almost, measuring 5.25" wide and 8.50" high. While it does have some issues, the image clearly depicts Bombard with his wife Amelia. It appears to have been taken shortly after the war, circa 1870's, in a studio setting. The image is not in a frame, sleeve or case. Moses and his wife appear seated beside each other. She wears a polka dot hoop dress with a white blouse and a dark jacket without buttons over her blouse. The sleeves have cuff piping. Moses sits to her right and is dressed in dark pants, white shirt and dark jacket. The jacket has piping around the cuffs, breast pocket and along the openings of each side of the jacket. There are three wooden buttons along the front of the jacket. The jacket itself is black. The body is unlined, while the sleeves are lined. All three wooden buttons are still sewn on the front. The buttons are covered with fabric, but are thread bare in a couple of spots. Both sleeves has some damage around the elbows. It doesn't look to be moth damage, more like rodents or mice. The kepi is in good condition. The dark blue wool is still very vibrant and has minimal moth damage. The stitching is very solid and the black tarred brim is securely attached. The black tarred chin strap is present and is also in good condition. There are two US General service eagle buttons solidly attached to the kepi. So well so, that I can not determine if there is a back mark on them. There is no makers label visible. The black satin liner is intact, but does have damage at the rear. The leather sweat band is intact and shows considerable sweat staining. Apparently Moses was fond of wearing it! This is a very nice grouping of a New York Cavalryman who served his country, being wounded twice and honorably discharged due to wounds. The framed monument picture displays fabulous, and shown with the tintype, original jacket and kepi make a powerful display. This would certainly make a nice centerpiece for your Union cavalry display!
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