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102nd PA Infantry Monument
Item #: AA1072
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This is an 1889 photo of the 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment located at the Gettysburg battlefield. The photo is on card stock, very similar to a CDV, and measures 10 3/4" wide and is 13 3/4" high. The monument was dedicated on 11 September, 1889 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The 102nd Pennsylvania served in the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 6th Corps of the Army of the Potomac and saw some pretty hard action throughout the Civil War. At Gettysburg though they caught a break. The regiment was assigned to guard the supply trains from Manchester, Virginia to Westminster, Pennsylvania. From Westminster 3 officers and 100 enlisted men, under the command of Lieutenant Robert Lyon, went with the supply train to Gettysburg. There they were placed in a defensive line north of Little Round Top. During the Battle of Gettysburg the 102nd Pennsylvania suffered no casualties. Mounted to the top right of the monument photo is a CDV of Captain Stephen L Fullwood. During the war Captain Fullwood was the commander of Company M of the 102nd Pa. Fullwood survived the war, but I have no information what happened to him afterwards. The CDV shows Fullwood in an open 5 button coat with visible vest and shoulder straps visible. Written in brown ink at the bottom center of the CDV is "Captain/S.L. Fullwood/Sept 11, 1889". i can't tell if there is a backmark on the CDV, it's apparently glued to the monument photo. The CDV, as well as the monument photo, are very clear and have great contrast with the background. Neither have any damage, tears, rips or stains. This set came in a riker case out of a large collection from Colorado. While photographing the it I couldn't help but notice the unusual weight of two "photos". When I removed the monument photo I found approximately 60 shot and dropped bullets. There are .69 caliber round balls, .58 caliber three ringers, various pistol bullets, both round and conical and several other musket/rifle bullets. I can only assume that these were collected at the site where the monument was placed, at least somewhere near where the 102nd Pa was stationed at Gettysburg. I'd say in 1889 it probably didn't take very long to pick up a pocket full of bullets from that battlefield, before it became protected by the park services. This is a very nice veterans CDV displayed along with his regiments monument at Gettysburg. You Pennsylvania collectors ought to be all over this one!
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Item # AA1072

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