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21st Iowa Veterans Grouping
Item #: AA1062
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This is a small grouping of personal effects that belonged to a Civil War veteran named Eber Golder from Iowa. The group consists of an old card stock photo of Golder and his family taken around 1918, a section of a daily journal Golder kept during his wartime service, his 21st Iowa reunion badge and his promotion order to Fourth Corporal. The 21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment was organized in August, 1862 at Debuque, Iowa. The regiment served in the Western Theater of the Civil War. The black and white card stock photo measure 4 1/4" wide and 2 3/4" tall. The photo shows the Golder family standing in front of a Model T Ford and what appears to be a church in the left background. A small card written in modern ink lists the location as Miller Creek, Montana taken between 1918 - 1920. From left to right in the photo is Golder's son, Eber Golder, a grandson, granddaughter, another son, and two daughter's in law. There is one small blemish on the picture, right on Eber Golder's forehead! A small card written in modern ink lists the location and individuals by name on one side. The other side of the card describes the gentleman who identified the photo. The card was written 27 May, 1973. The small pocket journal goes from 24 February, 1865 through 27 September 1865. Some of the pages are missing. What remain are stained, but are very legible. Mr Golder was an educated man and had very good penmanship! During the period he writes about his unit was involved in the campaign against Mobile, Alabama, the seige of Spanish Fort & Fort Blakely and the assault on Fort Blakely. The journal entries speak of the weather, camp life, being on the march and normal military life outside of battle. He does mention being able to see a brother in the 8th Iowa on several occasions. The only battle accounts he writes of are of Spanish Fort and Ft Blakely, where he mentions capturing numbers of prisoners and many cannons. Apparently his daily journal entries became a habit as he continued to make entries after the war. His veterans ladder badge is made up of two steps in the form of scrolls, a badge medallion and a small oval disk. The top scroll is marked CO. D, second scroll 21' IOWA. The badge is stamped VOL. INF. between the stamps are the crossed rifles of the Infantry with the word war above and the years 1861 - 5 below the rifles. Under the INF. stamp is the name E EBER GOLDER. The small oval disk has the number 13 stamped into what appears to be the outline of a pocket watch. Not sure if this denotes the 13th reunion of that unit or not. The final piece of the group is the certificate promoting Golder to Fourth Corporal of Company D, 21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment, with an effective date of 22 August, 1862, when the unit was organized. The order states the promotion was given at Rolla, Missouri on 8 October, 1862. The order is signed by the regimental commander, Colonel Samuel Merrill and the regimental adjutant, Lieutenant Horace Poole. The promotion certificate has been folded as to be pocket sized and is stenciled on the outside E.D. GOLDER/ Co D. 21st/IOWA VOL. it is creased for being folded for over 155 years, but is extremely legible. There is on hand written note that states EBER GOLDEr, Civil War veteran, probably died in 1938 at the age of 93. This veteran would be a great candidate for further investigation!