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Campaign Hat
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This is a US campaign hat from the 1950's. The hat is made by the renowned Stetson company. The felt material in Olive drab is in the form of the Montana peak. The overall condition of the hat is good, having no moth damage or stains. There is one small tear in the fabric about an 1/8" long on the left side just below the vent rivet. The hat cord shows a small amount of staining, as well as the leather hat band and neck band. The sweat band carries the Stetson logo of Nutria Quality/ Stetson/ John B. Stetson/Company with the Stetson seal. A tag on the inside has the reorder number of C459, Block style of 740 and the Size 7. An ink stamp on the inside of the sweat band reads JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY/DA-36-243-QM(OEM)3522/30 DECEMBER 1958. Another ink stamp reads 8405-634-6250. This is an Army drill sergeants hat from the late 50's early 60's. The DA number indicates an Army contract number with Stetson and the last ink stamp of numbers is the National Stock Number used by the Army supply system. While not a vintage WWI doughboy campaign hat, this one still has been there and done that. When you are an 18 year old kid in basic training the last thing you wanted was a run in with some NCO wearing one of these bad boys!
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