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Revolutionary War Era Flintlock Pistol
Item #: AA794
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This is a Revolutionary War era flintlock pistol made by the Ketland company of Birmingham, England. Thomas Ketland Sr. started in the gun making business around 1760 and expanded into the export business around 1790. We've been admiring this one in the shop for a while, but now it's time to move it on down the road. The weapon measures 15 1/4" overall with an 8" brass barrel. The first 3 1/4" inches of the brass barrel are octagonal. There is a circular barrel reinforcement, then the barrel is round. The brass barrel is a smooth bore and gauges out to 68 caliber. The bore is in excellent condition. The barrel has three proof marks. From the breech end is a crown over the letter V, the letters TK and another crown over the letter P. These are the 18th century London proof marks of the London view mark, the Thomas Ketland mark and the London proof mark. The barrel also has a decorative floral etching at the breech and at the reinforcement band. The lock plate, hammer and frizzen are made of iron. The lock plate is engaved with KETLAND and also has a decorative floral border. All the iron pieces have a silver appearance with just a hint of gray patina. The action works, the hammer holding in the cocked position until the trigger is depressed. The frizzen moves freely to expose the powder pan. When the hammer falls the flint makes full contact with the frizzen. The stock is made of walnut. It has an age crack that follows the ramrod channel. There is also a crack that has been repaired at the grip about two inches up from the heel. There is one small chip of wood missing on the back of the grip. The remainder of the stock shows normal handling wear, and why wouldn't it after 200 years! There is a very ornate coat of arms carved into the stock beginning just behind the barrel and extending back to a brass decorative piece placed 3 1/2" after the barrel. It represents crossed sabers between two flags, two crossed pikes and a military drum on it's side at the bottom. Forward of this carving are carved floral designs on either side of the stock that go all the way to the breech end of the barrel. Silver has been inlaid into the carvings. The left side of the stock opposite the lock plate has a very ornate and decorative brass plate. It consists of flags, cannon and what appears to be a shield on the far left. The trigger guard is brass and has an acorn tip on the muzzle end. A floral design has been engraved on the bottom of the trigger guard. On the grip is the aforementioned decorative brass piece. It has a fish atop a globe with a laurel branch on the right and a flag on the left of the globe. Beneath the globe is another flag and a cannon. A long flourish of brass is laid into the width of the grip that surrounds a brass cap on the heel of the grip. Another decorative piece is on the bottom of the grip with another drum surrounded by flags. A halberd is depicted behind the drum. The ramrod guides are made of brass. The wooden ramrod is tipped with a piece of horn. All of the brass pieces have taken on a warm golden patina, except the barrel. The barrel has taken on a mustard yellow patina. I believe that this was a British Naval boarding pistol judging by the size and decorative pieces. It is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! If you collect Revolutionary War pieces, or antique firearms this one won't do you wrong!