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Georgia Artillery Frock Coat
Item #: AA576
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Reenactor's Georgia Artillery frock coat. Normally we don't bring these into the shop, but this one is just so nice. The coat is made using Civil War period construction methods. The body of the coat and the sleeves are lined. All of the stitching is strong, and appears to be machine sewn. There are 10 CSA general service buttons on the uniform, 8 on the front and two on the back of the coat. The top button on the front for some reason is a CS officers button. The sleeves have the stripes of an Artillery Sergeant sewn on them. Not sure if this is meant to indicate an assistant to an artillery officer or what? The black leather waist belt is also period construction with a Georgia state seal two piece buckle. It came with a blue and white ribbon with a Georgia state seal button in the center. All the buttons on the uniform are back marked Waterbury Button Co, Conn. Even if you don't reenact, this will make a great display in your war room!
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Item # AA576
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