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US Model 1855 Bayonet with US Pattern 1859 Scabbard
Item #: AA3709
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This is a US Model 1855 socket bayonet manufactured for the .58 caliber rifled muskets used during the Civil War. This model of bayonet was in production from 1855 until 1870, resulting in the largest number of bayonets of a specific type to ever be produced. They were manufactured at both National Armories as well as by contractors such as the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, the Norwich Arms Company, the Providence Tool Company and Remington to name a few. There were even more bayonets produced under sub contract to other vendors, in total nearly 1.5 million! This bayonet has an overall length of 21 1/8", with a blade length of 18 1/8". The bayonet has a nice even silver gray patina. The locking ring and tension screw are still in present and rotate freely. The flat part of the blade near the socket is stamped with US, but the stamp is no longer visible. There are no inspectos stamp or any other markings visible on the bayonet. A 2 rivet Pattern 1859 scabbard accompanies this bayonet. The leather is good condition, with the normal amount of crazing for a piece of 160+ year old leather. The scabbard tip and frog are securely attached. This is a good example of a Model 1855 bayonet and early war scabbard that were used on the .58 caliber rifled muskets used during the Civil War.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA3709

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