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Mid 1800's Half Stock .60 Caliber Plains Rifle
Item #: AA3631
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This is a percussion, half stock, heavy barreled plains rifle from the mid 1800's. It has an overall length of 50 1/4", with a barrel length of 33". The brown octagon barrel has a barely visible H.E. LEMAN/LANCASTER PA forward of the breech. It also has stamped within a ribbon engraving MADE FOR and CHs CURRY. The Curry firm was a retailer in San Francisco, California that sold all major firearms manufacturers weapons such as Colt, Remington Derringer and Leman as well as British and Belgian imports. They were in business from 1852 to 1863. The bore is .60 caliber and is dark with light pitting, the rifling is still very good. The muzzle of the barrel has been turned down for use with a bullet starter. The lock plate is stamped H.E. LEMAN/LANCASTER Pa. The barrel is retained by a single iron pin and one tang screw. The two ramrod pipes are secured to a barrel under lug. The brass tipped wooden ramrod has been with this gun forever. The rear sight is a simple buck horn type. The front sight is a brass blade type and dove tailed into the barrel. The mechanics of the lock need a little work. Sometimes the hammer will not hold in the cocked position unless the set trigger is depressed as the hammer is cocked. The set trigger and primary trigger function normally. The butt plate, trigger guard and ramrod pipes are iron, the crude nose cap is made of pewter. The stock is in good condition, and was a full length stock that was cut down during the period of use to half stock. There is no wood loss, but there are a couple of shallow stress cracks on either side of the escutcheon screw. This big bore plains rifle came out of the Larry Ness collection.
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Item # AA3631
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