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Southern Blacksmith Crafted Confederate Cavalry Saber
Item #: AA3559
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This is a southern blacksmith crafted Confederate "Dog River" Cavalry saber from the Civil War. The sword measures 38 3/4" overall, with a blade length of 34". The blade is slightly curved with a flat spine and measures 1 1/16" at the ricasso. It is a single edged blade with an unstopped fuller that measures 26 1/4". There are a couple of small nicks on the true edge of the sword, none noticeable to the eye. The blade has taken on a dark, almost black patina with light pitting scattered along the entire length. The blade is unmarked, leaving the true identity of the maker unknown, hence the mystical "Dog River" production facility. That term probably doesn't apply to this sword though, this is more of a one off production, possibly by a blacksmith that had been making D guards. The blade has never been sharpened. The guard has been crafted from two pieces of tin that has been well executed. The two sections join in the center of the knucklebow, with the seam visible on the inside of the guard but not the outside. It is not a conventional Cavalry style guard, but more like those found on some southern made bowies. There is no leather washer, not sure if there ever was one. The simple wooden grip shows no indication of ever having a leather wrap. There are no cracks in the grip. The peen appears to be unmolested. The guard is a little loose, and deflects slightly when handled. This is a nice example of a no frills, blacksmith made Confederate Cavalry saber that saw service during the Civil War. The manufacturer is unknown, but it sure looks Confederate! It came with a modern reproduction scabbard that will accompany it to the new owner. If you want a Confederate saber that won't put you in the poor house, this is the one!
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Item # AA3559
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