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Late 1800's Plains Indians Beaded Cuffs
Item #: AA3543
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This is an outstanding set of Northern Plains beaded cuffs from the late 1800's. This set of fully beaded cuff gauntlets run from the wrist almost up to the elbow of each forearm. They are made of tanned bison hide and covered on the front side in seed trade beads of red, blue, white, and a small amount of green beads. The bead work shows a blue back ground with a four row red bead border. The design of four figures in white, with green and red enhancements is executed very well. There is almost no bead loss on either cuff, just one here and there. Both cuffs are stitched together on the inside, and the stitching is still very tight and strong. The cuffs have a tapered fit, and measure 9" along one seam, 8" along the other and are 4 1/2" wide at the cuff and 7 1/2" wide on the opposite end. This set of Northern Plains Indians cuff gauntlets are in very good condition for their age, and will make a fine addition to any Native American collection.
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Item # AA3543
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