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Army of the Trans Mississippi Lapel Pin/Tie Tack
Item #: AA3542
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This is an Army of the Trans Mississippi lapel pin or tie tack. This miniature flag of the Army of the Trans Mississippi measure 3/4" square and has a blue background with a red cross and 13 gold edged white stars in the center. The letters ATM are white and outlined in gold in the top quadrant of the flag. This flag represents the Confederate Army that operated in the areas of modern day Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. The Army of the Trans Mississippi was the last Confederate Army to surrender, when General Kirby Smith submitted his command on 26 May, 1865. The last organized unit of that command, the 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles, commanded by Brigadier General Stand Watie, surrendered on 23 June, 1865. This will go well for any SCV member from a Camp of the Trans Mississippi Army.
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Item # AA3542
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