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Delegate Badge 33rd Annual GAR Encampment Topeka, Kansas 26-28 May, 1914
Item #: AA3536
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This is a delegates badge for the 33rd annual encampment of the Department of Kansas Grand Army of the Republic held during 26-28 May, 1914 in Topeka, Kansas. The badge is made up of a header badge, ribbon and a medallion suspended from the ribbon. The header badge features a spread winged eagle perched atop crossed cannons with cannon balls underneath. The header has a bronze tint to it and is very attractive. The red, white and blue ribbon is in excellent condition. There are no frays, tears or stains found anywhere. The ribbon has gold lettering that reads DELEGATE/33rd/ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT/G.A.R./TOPEKA, KANSAS/MAY 26-28, 1914". Suspended from the ribbon is a medallion depicting the G.A.R. Memorial Building that was dedicated May 27, 1914 in the center. The back of the medallion has raised lettering that reads "ERECTED BY/THE/STATE OF KANSAS/AS A MEMORIAL/ TO THE/UNION/SOLDIERS AND SAILORS/OF THE/ WAR OF THE REBELLION/1861-1865". The badge is back marked Whitehead & Hoag Newark, N.J. This encampment was a state wide event, open to all GAR members from Kansas. The badge is in mint condition, comes on the original Whitehead & Hoag cardstock and would an excellent addition to any GAR collection.
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Item # AA3536

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