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WWII German K98 Ammunition Pouch
Item #: AA3528
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This is a K98 German ammo pouch from World War II. The black leather pouch is in very good condition for it's age. The stitching is strong throughout the box. The leather on the back side of the box is black, the same as the front. The belt loops are riveted and sewn onto the back. None of the belt loop straps or closure straps are torn. The inner dividers are present in all three pockets. The pouches held two five round stripper clips of 8mm ammunition, for a total of 30 rounds per pouch. This pouch is an early WWII piece, being dated 1940. The makers mark of GUSTAV SCHIELE/LEDERWARENFABRIK/LOBURG and the date of 1940 are clearly visible on the back. The d ring on the back of the pouch is still securely sewn on. This would make a perfect starter piece for the beginning WWII German collector out there.
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Item # AA3528

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