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US Model 1886 Cavalry Carbine Boot
Item #: AA3510
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This is a US Model 1886 Cavalry carbine boot used during the Indian Wars period. The Model 1885 Carbine boot was designed to attach to the side of the McClellan saddle and eliminate the need for a carbine sling. This carbine boot was an improved version over the Model 1885 version, which proved to be to short and not able to support the weight of the 1873 Trapdoor carbines. The most common failure of the 1885 version was the mouth of the boot, it would tear and rip apart due to the weight of the carbine pulling against it while the horse was under way. The 1886 version corrected these shortcoming by lengthening the boot and putting a brass reinforcement at the mouth of the boot. This boot is in very good condition and measures 13 1/4" in length, 5 1/2' wide at the mouth and 3" wide at the toe of the boot. The leather is still pliable and shows light crazing. It has a makers stamp of ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL just above the upper strap. The only detractor of this boot is the upper strap, about the last 2 1/2" is missing. The 1886 boot saw much service during the Indian Wars, and this one will compliment your Indian Wars Cavalry collection quite well.
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Item # AA3510
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