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Vintage Toy Wooden Model 1903 Springfield Rifle
Item #: AA3495
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This is a vintage wooden toy Model 1903 Springfield rifle. The overall length of this toy weapon is 38 1/2", with a wooden barrel length of 23 1/4". This little wooden rifle seems to be patterned from the M1903 Training rifle made by the Parris Manufacturing Company, whose corporate offices are located in Savannah, Tennessee. At the beginning of World War II, there were not enough actual rifles for the thousands of draftees reporting to Army and Navy training centers all over the country. The Department of Defense contracted Parris Manufacturing, already a recognized expert in the woodworking industry, to produce wooden "training rifles" until actual rifles became available. Over two million of these wooden "trainers" were produced for the Army and Navy. The training rifles made by Parris had web slings, functional bolt actions and a rotating wooden "trigger" that made a snapping sound when actuated. The only part of the little gun that isn't metal is the trigger guard. The wood working has been very well executed, the only thing missing is the recessed area on the forestock for the users fingers to grip. There is one crack in the wood, on the right side just to the rear of the receiver. It is shallow and does not degrade the integrity of the wood. All wood that replicates the metal parts are painted black, the stock itself has a medium brown stain and has been lacquered. The name Burton Holden has been engraved into the stock on the right side. I don't know if this is the gentleman that made this nice piece, or if it was made for him. Either way, this is a nice piece of wood that very closely represents a Springfield Model 1903 trainer made by the Parris Manufacturing Company during the early days of WWII, and yes it does have the rotating trigger that pops when depressed!
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Item # AA3495
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