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US 45 Star Flag
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This is a United States 45 star flag from the Spanish American War era. The 45 star flag was utilized from 4 July 1896, when Utah was admitted to the Union, until 4 July 1908. This flag has been framed and measures 27 1/4" by 14 3/8"". The entire flag is made of course, glazed cotton. I don't know if it is double sided as it has not been removed from the frame. The stars are printed onto the canton. The layout of the stars is 8-7-8-7-8-7. The orientation of the star points is either 12 o'clock or 11 o'clock. This flag does not have a hoist, at least not one that can be seen. The size of this flag suggests it may have been used as a parade flag, but I think this one could have been hung in a government building, or maybe even a school. The flag has five holes, three near the fly end, one about half way across that is one the third red stripe from the bottom and one just to the rear of the canton. The flag has a couple of stained areas, most noticeable on the white stripes. There is no makers stamp or tag on the flag. For a piece of material that's at least 114 years old it is in very good condition. Someone thought enough of it that they placed in a frame that seems to be made for it. If only we knew the story behind it! If your war room or man cave has some Spanish American war pieces this will fit right in.
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Item # AA3492
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