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Cased Kerr Revolver
Item #: AA3466
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This is a cased Kerr revolver from the Civil War era. The English oak case is in very good condition and contains all but two of the accessories that came with it. The iconic Kerr revolver itself is in very good condition. The 11" revolver was manufactured by the London Armoury Co. as marked on the right side plate and retains well over 60% of the original bluing. The remaining surfaces of the metal show a dull steel gray and plum patina. The .44 caliber (54 bore) bore is still very bright with strong rifling showing and no sign of pitting or rust. The left upper flat of the octagon barrel is stamped from the muzzle end towards the cylinder with L.A.C., a crown over GP and a crown over V, representing the London Armoury Company, commercial London proof and view marks. The original brass post front sight is still secure on the barrel. The cylinder, which retains nearly 100% of the bluing, has the the same proof and view marks, along with the serial number of 10529. The right side of the frame is marked KERR's Patent along with the serial number 10529. The left side of the frame is stamped with LONDON ARMOURY in a two line arced oval. Assembly numbers are stamped on the cylinder face, bottom of the frame where the cylinder resides and on the inside of the trigger guard. The cylinder face and inside the frame are clearly marked 203, with the inside of the trigger guard showing the number 2. The mechanics of this revolver are very crisp and work perfectly. The loading lever is still present and operates normally. The one piece checkered walnut grip is in very good condition. There are no chips, cracks or repairs, just a couple of spots of wear from use. There is no JS anchor stamp on the grip. The bottom of the grip is equipped with a lanyard ring. Overall this Kerr revolver is in very good condition and is fully functional. The oak case is well made, and shows the normal bumps and dings from use. The interior is covered in a light green material and divided into six separate compartments. In addition to the weapon there is a section for caps and bullets, a pewter oiler, KERR bullet mold, wood handled nipple wrench with pick. cleaning rod with with removeable brass jag and ball puller, a James Dixon & Sons powder flask and a flat tip screw driver. It does not have the combination tool. All the accoutrements in the case are in very good condition and fully functional. While the revolver itself does not have a JS anchor stamp, there are two known revolvers from the Pratt Roll that still survive and one of them does not have a JS anchor stamp. It is very possible that this cased set came over aboard the blockade runner Hope in October of 1864. Regardless of which ship it arrived on, this cased Kerr revolver is a very rare set and should compliment any collection.
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Item # AA3466
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