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Excavated Revolutionary War Grapeshot Recovered near Ninety Six, South Carolina
Item #: AA3457
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This is a set of four pieces of grapeshot recovered on private property near Ninety Six, South Carolina. The First Siege of Ninety Six, South Carolina occurred between Loyalists and Patriot South Carolinians, and took place 19 - 21 November, 1775. These four pieces of grapeshot are in dropped condition. They have an average diameter of 1". During the siege the patriots, led by Major Andrew Williamson, had three swivel guns. These guns were used at short range with grapeshot with devastating effect on Infantry. The fighting that did occur during these three days was from long range. The Patriots suffered 1 killed and 12 wounded, while the Loyalists had 4 killed and 20 wounded. This is a nice, inexpensive little piece that could be the start of a young military buffs collection!
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Item # AA3457
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