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Confederate Made Holster
Item #: AA3447
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This is a Confederate made flap holster from the Civil War period. This flap holster is made from 1/16" thick leather. There is no crazing, flaking or any problems with the leather. The single belt loop is stitched to the back of the holster and is securely in place. The single piece leather is stitched to form the body of the holster. The stitching is very strong, no loose or broken stitches here! The flap is held closed by a brass finial that secures to a slot in the flap. That is the only flaw in the holster, the leather is split where the finial secures the flap closed. An outline of a Kerr or Adams revolver can be seen in the holster. I tried a Kerr and it was a little tight, the leather has shrunk some. I don't have an Adams in the shop right now, but I believe they're just a little bit smaller than a Kerr. I'm not 100% sure what the holster originally housed, but I am 100% sure that it's a Confederate made holster! This is an absolutely fine holster and will display great with your Confederate medium frame revolver.
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Item # AA3447
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