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American Revolutionary War British Pattern 1751 Hanger with Brown Bess Bayonet
Item #: AA3434
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This a British Pattern 1751 Infantry hanger and British "Brown Bess" bayonet with reproduction leather scabbards and baldric with linen shoulder sling. The Pattern 1751 Infantry hanger is authentic, and is a rare brass hilt British made short sword or "hanger" from the Revolutionary War period. These pattern swords were issued to British soldiers during the Seven Years War and to both sides during the American Revolution. The sword has an overall length of 31", with the tapered single edge, slightly curved blade measuring 25" in length. There are no nicks or dings on the blade edge. A single fuller extends 19 1/4" from the hilt. The only marking on the sword is on the obverse side of the blade below the fuller about 1" forward of the guard. A crown over the number 3 is crisply stamped there. The blade is a light grey patina with spots of darker aging. The grip, pommel and guard are formed from a single piece of cast brass. The guard is in the shape of a heart with a small quillion. The sword has been cleaned several years ago, and is now beginning to age back. An example almost identical to this one is shown in the book "American Swords" by Stuart Mowbray as plate 75 b. The bayonet has an overall length of 19 5/8", with a blade length of 15 7/8". The triangular shaped blade shows no markings, but the socket has several stamps. On the left side of the socket, opposite the mortise, it is stamped 3/C/69. It is also stamped on the top of the socket with the number 527. These numbers are stamped over another set of numbers, but I can't make all of them out. The bayonet has been overcleaned, like the sword, and has a bright steel patina that is slowly aging back. The scabbards and baldric are reproductions, but display great with the sword and bayonet. These came from a collector out in Las Vegas whose family settled in Virginia in the early 1700's. They will make a nice addition to any American Revolution collection.
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Item # AA3434
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