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Spanish American War Veteran's .38 Caliber Cartridge Stick Pin
Item #: AA3378
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This is a .38 caliber cartridge that has been converted to a stick pin by a Spanish American War veteran. The cartridge measures 1 3/16" in length and 1/4" wide. The bullet is fully seated in the cartridge and the primer has not been struck. The case has been drilled and the powder emptied. A small pin has been soldered to the case so the cartridge can be worn as a lapel or stick pin. The US military used Colt's .38 caliber double action revolvers during the Spanish American War period. The soldiers and sailors that were issued these .38's did not have a very high opinion of them, as they lacked the stopping power of a .45 caliber weapon. Apparently the veteran that made this was pretty happy with his Colt .38 caliber revolver. Another cool little piece to put in with your Span-Am collection!
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Item # AA3378
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