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US Model 1911 Spur Made by August Buermann
Item #: AA3368
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This is a US Model 1911 spur manufactured by August Buermann. Before World War I US military spurs were manufactured by government arsenals. With WWI on the horizon, the government contracted with private merchants for spurs, along with many other pieces of equipment. Buermann was a German immigrant, arriving in New York in August, 1864. He entered the Union Army as a substitute shortly after arriving in the states. After the war he bought out the Barclay Company located in Newark, New Jersey in 1866 and renamed it the Buermann Manufacturing Company. He manufactured spurs and horse bits for over 60 years, both commercially and for the military. This Model 1911 spur is a good representative piece produced by Buermann. It used the fixed button design to attach leathers straps for wear, with one end being adjustable by a buckle. Officer's spurs were distinguished by the heel chains, enlisted versions did not have them. This Model 1911 is in good condition, having no twists or bends. Most of the silver plating remains over the entire spur. The inside of the spur is stamped US over AB. it would go well with your WWI cavalry collection.
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Item # AA3368
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