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Mid 1800's Full Stock Tennessee Long Rifle Fall & Cunningham Nashville Tennessee
Item #: AA3335
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This is a full stock Tennessee long rifle manufactured by an unknown gunsmith circa 1830 - 1850. This percussion rifle measures 56 3/4" in length with a 40 1/4" octagon barrel. The barrel has a dark plum patina and has a smooth, pit free exterior. The barrel is retained by iron pins and two tang screws. The bore is .38 caliber and is dark, shows light rust and good rifling. The rear buck horn style sight is dovetailed into the barrel 7 1/2" forward of the breech. The front sight is a German silver blade design, inlet into the barrel. There are no visible stamps or markings on the barrel, but it has not been removed from the stock. The three copper ramrod thimbles are securely attached to the stock using iron pins. The lock plate is marked in two lines, FALL & CUNNINGHAM/NASHVILLE TENN, along with some simple floral embellishment forward and above the stamp. To the rear of the lock appears to be a pheasant and vegetation engraved on it. The mechanics of the lock work normally, but there is no half cock position, only full cock. I believe that this lock was a replacement when the gun was converted from flint to percussion. It may have been during this time that the trigger guard was also replaced. It has been converted from flint to percussion using the drum in barrel technique. The trigger guard, patch box, three piece butt plate and extended tang are made of iron. The all iron furniture gun has a matching dark patina, with the lock being just slightly lighter. The wooden ram rod appears to be original to the gun. The maple stock is a medium brown color, and has a great look to it. There are a couple areas of wood loss on the stock. Just to the rear of the breech a 1/2" section of the stock between the lock and tang is missing due to burnout. The other is a small sliver along the right barrel channel near the front ram rod thimble. The barrel channel and ram rod channel edges are still very crisp. There are a couple of small cracks in the stock at the muzzle. They are shallow and do not degrade the integrity of the stock. There are no visible repairs to the stock. This old smoke pole has been around since the mid 1800's, been converted to percussion and has managed to survive quite well. Fall & Cunningham was a wholesale general hardware firm located at 47 North College St. in Nashville, Tennessee. They were the importer of the lock used on this gun, and not the maker. If you have a long rifle collection this one will compliment it well!
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Item # AA3335
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