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Springfield Model 1861 Rifle
Item #: AA3322
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This is a Springfield Model 1861 .58 caliber rifled musket from the Civil War. The black walnut stock has no cracks, just the normal dings and scratches associated with normal use and handling. The barrel and ramrod channels are still very crisp. It has the look of having been stored in an attic or possibly an old smoke house, showing an almost black patina. There are no cartouches on the left flat of the stock opposite the lock plate. All the metal hardware on this one were finished in "National Armory Bright". As with the stock, the barrel and hardware all have that brownish black patina. The barrel has the V P eagle head proof marks on the left barrel flat at the breech, but only the V is clearly visible to the naked eye. The bolster and breech of the barrel show very moderate pitting and pinpricking. The remainder of the barrel is smooth and virtually pit free. The bolster on this barrel still has a clean out screw. The bore is dark and shows light pitting along the entire length of the barrel. The rifling is still strong and very visible. The swelled shank tulip head ramrod is still present. The lock plate is dated 1864 on a slant behind a Model 1861 hammer. Apparently this weapon had a failure of some type late in the war, and it was replaced by an 1864 dated Model 1863 lock. The eagle, US/SPRINGFIELD stamps are not visible on the lock. The mechanics of the lock are not functioning, the hammer does not hold in the half or full cock position. When the hammer is pulled back it passes through the half cock all the way to full cock, then when released it slowly moves forward on it's own. I suspect a good cleaning would do wonders for this old smoke pole! The rear sight on this weapon is the two leaf design, correct for the Model 1861 barrel. The barrel bands are retained by springs and all three are stamped with a U, but the middle band is not legible. The butt plate tang is stamped with US and has the same brownish black patina as the rest of the gun. The initials GH have been punched into the back side of the butt plate. The front and rear sling swivels are still present, making this a 100% complete weapon. Here is an opportunity to own a solid Civil War gun that won't break the bank.
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # AA3322

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