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East German Made Flag
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This is an East German flag made by VEB Bandtex Pulsnitz in Radebeul, East Germany. The flag was used by the DDR (East Germany) from 1959 untl the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. It is made of nylon and measures 29" x 53". The red, black and yellow national colors are very vibrant. The symbol of a hammer and sickle are printed onto a circular piece of material that is sewn onto the flag. There are no flaws with the flag. There is a label sewn on the back side of the flag, all the writing is in German. There is no fly sewn onto the flag, instead there is a sleeve sewn into the top. This was meant to be displayed in a window. It is in very excellent condition and will look great in your Cold War display or collection!
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Item # AA3319
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