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"Fighting Twentieth" History of the 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry
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This is a history and official souvenir booklet for the Kansas 20th Volunteer Infantry Regiment that was printed in Topeka, Kansas in 1899. This small black and white booklet measures 9" wide, 6" tall and is 96 pages including advertisements in the back. There are numerous black and white images throughout the book, including the Governor of Kansas, the Secretary of War, the Regimental commander and many of the 20th Kansas soldiers in training, in the Philippines and returning home after their deployment. The front cover of the book is damaged at the lower right corner and slightly stained, but the contents are in very good co0ndition. The 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment was mustered into service between 9 -13 May, 1898 at Topeka, Kansas. The regiment consisted of 46 officers and 946 enlisted men. Once the regiment was mustered in, it left Kansas for Camp Merritt in San Francisco, California. The regiment trained at Camp Merritt until 5 August, when it relocated to Camp Merriam due to poor health conditions and disease encountered at Camp Merritt. On 12 August an armistice was declared, and the fighting between the US and Spain ended. The 20th Kansas however, did not return home. Instead, the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the regiment boarded the transport Indiana on 27 October bound for Manila in the Philippines. The first battalion followed on board the transport Newport. Both transports arrived in Manila on 6 December, 1898 after making stops in Hawaii. The Spanish American War officially ended 10 December. The Philippine American War began in February of 1899, and the 20th Kansas was ordered to the front. From February through May the 20th was involved in eight different engagements, including two rivers that they swam. During their time in combat the regiment lost 3 officers and 19 enlisted killed, with 11 more enlisted men dying of wounds received in battle. 35 enlisted men died of disease and 145 more discharged because of disabilities. If you have a Kansas Spanish American War period collection that has to be in it!
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Item # AA3289
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