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Late 1800's Francklyn Land & Cattle Company Marks & Brands Book
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This is a Francklyn Land and Cattle Company marks and brands book from the late 1800's. The Francklyn Land and Cattle Company was an English syndicate chartered in 1881 to invest in the new "Beef Bonanza" of the American west in the late 1800's. It was headed by and named for Charles G. Francklyn, son in law of E.G. Cunard. He owned the Cunard Steamship Line and was the capital behind the venture. This "syndicate" purchased 631,000 acres in the Texas Panhandle counties of Carson, Gray, Roberts, Hutchinson and Greer, later to become a part of Oklahoma. This enterprise saw several drastic changes through the years, different owners, brands, it remained in business from 1882 until 1957. This small tri fold brand book measures 4 1/" wide and 7" tall when folded up. Inside the tri fold are listed the different marks and brands the company used for cattle, horses and mules. The book also doubles as a ledger, and found inside in pencil are inscriptions of different transactions by name, ranch and amount by month. Written in pencil on the first page is the name A H Richards, apparently the owner of the book. The first pages show transaction conducted during January, 1890. There were two cabinet card images inside the brand book, both of native American women. There is no identification on the images, and I'm not sure if they are the same woman. One is standing, with young boy on her back. She has a shawl wrapped around her, so I can't tell if she is using a pack board or not. The other image shows a young Native American woman seated, wearing a ceremonial dress. I have no idea who she is or her significance, but both images will go with the book. This would look good in a western themed or cowboy display.
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Item # AA3252
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