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125th Anniversary Civil War Cross of Military Service
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This is a 125th Anniversary Civil War Cross of Military Service medal that was used to mark 125 years since the Civil War. This medal was the center piece of 16 medals that were presented to reenactors that participated in national reenacting events across the country. These events ranged from the Firing on Ft Sumter, Battle of the Ironclads, and most major battles of the Civil War. This medal was made in the tradition of the United Confederate Veterans Southern Cross of Honor, the Grand Army of the Republic Cross of Service and the Civil War Centennial Veteran Cross. The ribbon is blue, red and gray to represent the Union, the Confederacy and the blood shed by both sides during the war. The ribbon is still very vibrant and has no damage. The hanger is stamped CIVIL WAR/125th ANNIVERSARY. The medal is in the shape of the Maltese Cross. In the center of the cross are the letters USACSA with USA running vertical and CSA horizontal and sharing the letter S. The left bar is stamped MILITARY/1986, the upper bar CROSS/1861, the lower bar 1865/OF and the right side 1990/SERVICE. If you are old enough to have participated in the 125th Anniversary events of the Civil War and received a medal for the event, you need this to go with it.
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Item # AA3247
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