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Late 1800's Hand Carved Birch Bark Canoe
Item #: AA3210
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This is a hand carved replica of a birch bark canoe similar to the ones used by the Penobscot Indian tribe of Northern Maine from the late 1800's. The canoe measures 17 1/2" in length and 2" at the widest point. The canoe is made of a single piece of wood, with five reinforcing braces, called thwarts, being added individually. The top part of the canoe has been ornately carved with different Native American symbols. The canoe itself is made of pine and has been stained a dark color. There are a couple of spots where the stain has worn off, mainly in the areas where it is most handled. The bottom of the canoe is flat, enabling it to be displayed virtually anywhere there is a flat surface. I believe this one was made as a toy for a child, but it could have another purpose. This one came back home with the Rebel after his last trip to Maine for the Poulin's auction. It displays great, and will be a nice addition to your Native American collection.
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Item # AA3210
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