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US Model 1892 Bugle
Item #: AA3185
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This is a Model 1892 Bugle made of brass measuring 17" long. The horn measures 4 1/4" across. It is stamped US Regulation/MADE IN U.S.A. just in front of the horn. The mouth piece is still with this one. This one dates to between 1900 and 1940. It has seen some use judging by the small dents found on it! The horn itself has a couple of dents, but nothing major. A two line inscription has been stamped on this bugle that reads " WATERMARK JIM THIS IS FOR YOU KEEP ON TRUCKIN' TONEY/JUST THE SOUND THE BUGLE'S MINE". The brass has taken on a beautiful chocolate brown patina. This one could have been used in World War I or possibly even World War II.
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Item # AA3185
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